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Melton Hill

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If you are looking for clean water with a low flow and plenty of action then look no further than Melton Hill Resevoir. With TVA running a lot of water through Norris Dam the temperatures in Melton Hill have remained cold and the bait fish have responed in kind by seeking out the warmest temperatures in the top inch or so of water on the lower portion of the resevoir closest to Melton Hill Dam. Most if not all game fish are looking up and periodically slashing at bait balls during the heat of the day but the real fireworks are in the evening when the hybrid bass are schooling up and blitz bait balls in the middle of the resevoir. Small clouser minnnows in a size 4 or 6 are just the ticket for some hot paced evening fun. 

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Archived Melton Hill Fishing Reports:

The striper bite has been pretty good of late in the morning hours. The fish are keying on the skip jack and if you can locate the skippies chances are you can find the rock fish too. 
I've spoken with resident Musky Master Billy Davis  several times over the past week and he's got nothing but good things to say about the way Melton Hill is currently fishing. Several other anglers have blown through the doors echoing Billy's sentiment and obviously amped on musky fueled adrenaline. The past couple of days rain in conjunction with the front may slow the follows for a day or two but look for the madness continue as we settle back into a some warmer weather by the weekend.
Most muskies are sitting up shallow in 8 foot or less due the the shallow thermocline this time of year.  Most fish are being caught on a variety of bucktails, crankbaits, and soft plastics.  There is an opportunity to target these fish on a fly.  Any larger streamer resembling a 4-8 inch shad would would be a good choice since the muskies are targeting schools of threadfin and gizzard shad.  Also flies that resemble small mammals are effective for muskies.  Most muskies are in and around submerged timber.  Accurate casts and speedy retrievals are essential to bring muskies out from their ambush zones.  If you are interested in targeting muskies on Melton Hill with conventional of fly gear, feel free to get in touch with me.
Billy Davis
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The good news about the drawing down of the Norris reservoir is that the Musky in Melton Hill are getting a fresh drink of cool, cool water. This should bring them back up to their shallow water haunts. Not a minute too soon as Melton Hill Bill (aka, Billy Davis) called me last week to let me know he's going to fire up the Musky Tournaments again starting September 1st.
The word I'm getting straight from the horses mouth, aka Melton Hill Bill, is that the striper action is still happening below Melton Hill Dam but not directly below it.  Take a look a little further down stream.  Early is better but late is happening too.
Big fish are being boated early and late below Melton Hill Dam.  Twist you up some 2/0 clousers and get out there and get some while the getting is good.
If you are so inclined to go and chase big fish in relatively small water, the striper bite below Melton Hill Dam is on.  Get there early, very early, however, in order to get in que at the boat ramp as the boys from North Carolina are over this side of the mountains pillaging.  If your idea of fun isn't playing bumper boats with the abvoe mentioned chest beaters than head down river, you don't have to below the dam to find the bite!