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As with last week, we’re seeing a lot of big water in the middle of the week on the Clinch, Holston, and French Broad. This has somewhat limited the time and places to go fish, but there have been consistent opportunities to wade on the Clinch ahead of generation, and any Joe ‘schmo with a canoe or jon boat can get into some fish on the Broad.


As you might have observed, the tailwaters are running a lot of water. However, fishing couldn’t be better in the mountain

Brook Troutstreams and freestone rivers of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. In Townsend, the rivers are flowing right around their median flow, and the higher elevations are at the perfect temperature.

After a very long stretch of hot and dry weather, it looks like we’ll be getting some needed rain here in the next few days.

Fish 2This may temporarily affect flows on the Holston, Clinch, and to some extent the French Broad, but nothing that will make a major impact on flows for the next week or this weekend.


Flows are settling into predictable patterns on the Clinch and the Holston for the summer, and fishing opportunities abound in the tailwaters around East Tennessee. The Clinch is running low and clear, providing challenging conditions during these sunny days, while the afternoon schedule gives boaters favorable flows. Also this week, the cold waters of the Holston are producing very large rainbows. 

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