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The tailwaters are continuing to flow high as the TVA  releases water to lower Norris, Cherokee, and Douglas Reservoirs. The Holston has been running around the clock, but the Clinch will continue to run a Rec Schedule this weekend. Furthermore, the French Broad has been giving up some decent wading opportunities, particularly in the morning, for smallmouth and carp fishing around 7 Islands. Smallmouth

The past week has been the perfect picture of a typical August here in East TN. Hot, humid, and fairly dry. Despite the drier weather, the Clinch is running around the clock to get the reservoir levels down for winter. The Holston below Cherokee is finally offering some windows for good flows to fish for smallies, with tomorrow’s outflow predicted to be in the 4,000s. The French Broad below Douglas has also had favorable flows for wading around Seven Islands.

IMG_0611 (1).jpg

It’s a boaters world on the Clinch during the week these days, and they’re running big water through the Holston. Doesn’t make a huge difference for us, because this is smallmouth, carp, and general warmwater season for us. Now is the time to be wading around in warm, skinny water, or going after overlooked species like white bass before Fall.IMG 0651

Flows have been fantastic this week on the Clinch, and it looks like that trend will continue into next week. The Holston and the French Broad have been running big water, but this will set us up for some healthy and eager fish when flows even back out.Clinch River Fishing August

The rain came down hard on Monday, breaking the previous record by a fair margin for that date. As a result, the water was high and muddy around here. While the water is still off color, the generators have run out some of that to help clear things up. Now, we’ve been graced with cooler temperatures and no rain in the forecast for at least the next 6 days.Fish