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UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 5eeWhile last week’s rains made fishing nearly impossible on the Clinch and Holston tailwaters this week, we’re all excited for the arrival of recreational flows this weekend. Saturday you can expect minimum flows on the Clinch until 3 o’clock as the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited hosts Veterans on the Water. As I type, the predicted flow on the Holston looks like there is a small chance for some fishing Friday but flows will still be too high over the weekend.

oody fish smokiesWell it has been a bit since our last report but what an April we had! After months of rain and high water we finally got some blue skies and fishable flows. Per usual, the best weather was had mid-week while more typical windy and wet weather dominated the weekends. Nevertheless, we did see some bugs on both the Holston and the Clinch and fish were caught on dry flies even if the nymph bite was substantially stronger. 

WildThe weekend is fast approaching and while things have been pretty much fantastic this week (weather wise) barring the soaking we got on Monday, there's more rain in the forecast over the weekend with some potentially severe thunderstorms on Sunday. Friday and Saturday both look manageable with spotty showers and storms in the afternoon but hot temperatures. If you get out just be sure to keep a close eye on the radar so you don't get caught out in something potentially dangerous.

IMG 0412Low and behold, despite it all, Spring has finally arrived here in East Tennessee and miracle upon miracle it looks as if TVA is finally going to turn off the tap on most if not all of East Tennessee's tailwaters sooner rather than later. As of this writing, Douglas, Cherokee, and Norris are all showing greatly reduced flows beginning tomorrow (Thursday). Norris is showing a predicted outflow of 4,350 cfs on Thursday and 3,410 cfs on Friday. That's not a ton of consolation for the wading angler given that it likely means a sustained one generator flow each day, but it is a start. It is considerable consolation for the guides and fly shop owners in and around the area, I can assure you of that! resizeimage 15Brett, Andrew, and I were able to sneak away to the mountains on Monday and Tuesday for a little camping and fishing trip. Last week was lights out in the GSMNP streams with warm temps, active fish, and bugs galore. Our outing this week was a bit colder but we were able to get some great fish to the net fishing a variety of techniques.