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Rain is back in the Tennessee Valley, but that hasn’t meant bad fishing. Earlier this week, the Holston was facilitating test sluicing, but are now offering a pulse schedule with good wading opportunities. The Clinch was also running big water earlier this week, but has been giving up some good flows today and tomorrow before think weekend’s Rec schedule.8425 1275240363641 1734765 n

The sweet, sweet summertime fishing season is upon us folks. Though somewhat beleaguered early on by high water and an unpredictable late spring/early summer, the flows are consistent and favorable in all the tailwaters. Furthermore, all of these 90+ days of summer has made wading a pretty nice weekday treat in the mornings. Clinch Holston Tailwater Fish

Finally, we’ve been getting some great flows, and the fish are healthy and hungry! On the Clinch, we’ve had wading opportunities throughout the day while the TVA sluices at night, starting around 6pm and going until 7 in the morning. 


The action has been hot on the Holston. Frankly, it’s been hard to find flies that they won’t take. Stick to the earlier hours when targeting trout, as the temperatures will be getting too warm for responsible catch and release.

Alas, we’re still seeing big water running through the Clinch and French Broad, but it looks like there's a favorable chance for wading opportunities on the Holston this weekend! We're all eagerly anticipating and preparing for promise of lower water Saturday morning to pursue some very hungry and healthy fish. On the Clinch, you have to try to catch small fish. When the water is high, the nasty, big-shouldered fish come out to feed. This simply means we expect quality over quantity under these conditions.. june 26

As with last week, we’re seeing a lot of big water in the middle of the week on the Clinch, Holston, and French Broad. This has somewhat limited the time and places to go fish, but there have been consistent opportunities to wade on the Clinch ahead of generation, and any Joe ‘schmo with a canoe or jon boat can get into some fish on the Broad.