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If you've ever asked my advice on flies, then you've undoubtedly heard my take on Todd's Wiggle Minnow. To say I'm a disciple is an understatement. It's the very first fly I tie on my line for one simple reason: it works.

The appeal of the wiggle on a sink-tip line is its versatility. For starters, due to its buoyancy, it's a lot less likely to get hung up if, for example, your cast goes unattended for any given amount of time. This same trait gives a sinking-line angler the ability to slide it over and around structures in the water simply by slowing or stopping their retrieve. Plus, once you stop the wiggle to allow it to ascend, thereby clearing the log, ledge, rock, etc..., the wiggle keeps right on wiggling during its upward float. If you've ever thrown streamers on the Clinch, then you know this trait is highly desirable and relatively hard to find. And with a good oarsman to slow your drift, you can also make the wiggle swim downstream along the bank, ledge, log, or whatever structure you feel confident holds fish.

On February 4th 3 Rivers Angler will be holding the first tying class of the season, Tying for Beginners: intro to Tools, Techniques and Terminology with Idlywilde signature tier Troy Basso.

The class will cover everything from selection and use of tools, thread selection, and the basic tying skills you will need to get started in this rewarding endeavor.

Classes cost $85 and are limited to 6 students. Most classes will begin at 9:30 am and will end about 3:30 pm at 3 Rivers Angler. All tools and materials are provided, all you need is a spot and the willingness to learn. Call the shop at 865.200.5271 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get signed up.

3 Rivers Angler is bringing the Fly Fishing Film Tour to K-Town!

When: Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at the Relix Variety Theatre

Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:00

All proceeds to benefit Legacy Parks Foundation

Buy discounted tickets NOW at 3RA, only $15 in advance.

Hurry, this event is guaranteed to sell out fast!

The inaugural Musky Fly Fishing World Championship Tournament, presented by Towee Boats, will be held on Saturday, March 24th. This one day catch and release tournament will feature fishing on the Caney Fork and Collins Rivers near McMinnville, Tennessee with proceeds going to Musky conservation efforts. While this is a competitive event, organizers point out that the focus will be on fishing, food and fellowship among a group of great anglers.

The signs immediately adjacent US 129 on either side of the “Buck” Karns bridge connecting South Knoxville to downtown and the university area read “Tennessee River” and “Ft. Loudon Lake”. The juxtaposition of the two is apropos given that the body of water you’re crossing is less a river and now more a chain of lakes formed by the impounding of waters behind monumental structures stewed in the history of our region’s past. I grew up fishing along the banks of the river just downstream from the bridge and recently returned to my natal home after a 12-year absence. Older and wiser (I hope) and with two young sons of my own, I’m still drawn down to the river as it makes its course through downtown, then past the suburbs and beyond, where it eventually meets the Clinch River dropping down from the north and what was the Little “T” rolling in from the mountains to the south. I love driving along Neyland Drive and Cherokee Boulevard as doing so provides me the opportunity to ponder the river’s form from ancestral state to her role in today’s contemporary politics. Just above town, where legislators of old decided the Tennessee begins at the forks formed by the French Broad and the Holston, three rivers merge to become one. And if you time your upriver journey right, you might even catch glimpses of our collective past, assuming TVA’s generation schedule obliges.