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We finally have had a number of days in a row with little rainfall, a sigh of relief to the weather patterns we have experienced as of late. If we can get the rain to continue to hold back, this should mean the tail water fishing will be normal relatively soon. Everyone make sure you are doing your preventative rain dances at night before bed. While tailwater trout may be still out of the picture, our area provides a plethora of other fishing opportunities, and this may be a good time to broaden your fly fishing horizons. 

It looks like we are continuing to dodge the majority of predicted poor weather. I would expect to see split schedules on the Holston and Clinch tailwaters this weekend, allowing for both the wading and boating angler to get out and enjoy our water. The Clinch and Holston have both given up some very impressive trout recently, as evident by this picture of Brett with a large Brown trout he caught on the Clinch this week! resizeimage

Fishing in our area has really come to life over the past two weeks. We are still waiting on the warm water to really reach its peak, but smallmouth and carp are both being found by the patient angler. Trout on the tailwaters are still eating dry flies willingly, and we have seen the most significant bug activity from 11am-1pm and also late afternoon. Striper are starting to get active on the lakes and below the dams, and the musky are in full feed mode now that they have completed their spawn. The fish are happy, now we just need some decent consistency with weather and water flows. resizeimage

It looks like the weather and the flows for the weekend should be perfect. We expect to see wading opportunity on both the Holston and Clinch Rivers. A split schedule on the Clinch will accommodate those wanting to wade or float. It looks like the Holston will not be generating through the weekend, and this will allow for both the boating and wading angler to fish the Holston at its best. resizeimage

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Spring has finally arrived here in Knoxville and it looks like we are in for some more consistent weather over the coming weeks. Temperatures staying in the mid 70s and up to the 80s should mean great fishing for the foreseeable future. It’s about darn time, and we are happy to see most of our local species feeding actively. TVA has been messing with us a bit, but it looks like flows are about to get more consistent, and there are plenty of fishing windows. Low water on the Clinch below Norris Dam for the past two weeks has been productive for most wading anglers.