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BrownWater, water everywhere and not a drop to fish! What a wild and crazy prelude to winter we have had here in East Tennessee.  If you’re counting, on the 15th of November the rain gauge at the airport had recorded 4.15 inches of rain. The average rainfall for November is 3.98 inches. Further, the year to date average is 41.70” and to date we’ve collected 52.75”. A brace of hurricanes and a couple of northeasters have contributed to our abundance of water this fall and as I type the rivers literally are running at capacity. That’s unlikely to change in the immediate future despite TVA’s due diligence.

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This report will be short and sweet. With inclement weather keeping us well outside the operating guide yet again, flood stage water is the hand we have been dealt for the foreseeable future. There are brief glimmers of hope that present themselves, perhaps just enough to scare off spells of imminent depression.  

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This week’s report will largely mirror what I have talked about for the past several weeks. We are seeing high water on the Clinch river below Norris Dam during the week and on Saturdays. Sunday will likely present a wadable window in the morning with generation beginning at 10am. The additional sluice of 3,500 cfs on the clinch is bumping the one generator flow up to 7,500 cfs. This is a lot of water compared to standard flows but I can say from experience that the fishing is not suffering because of it. 

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Weekday flows are consistently high right now on our local tailwaters. We have been experiencing a large additional sluice added to the generation on the Clinch over the last several days, but the prediction chart suggests that they will be backing off for the weekend. I would imagine they will run water all day on Saturday with a good flow for floating, and may offer a wading window on Sunday morning followed by generation.