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    The dog days of summer have arrived, but thankfully the fishing is still remaining consistent. Caddis are hatching on the Clinch, high elevation mountain streams are full of hungry Brook trout, and smallmouth bass have started to put the feed bags on. Usually this time of year we really shift focus to our warm water species in the area, but if you are a trout angler the waters have remained cool for much of our summer season. resizeimage
The Holston and French Broad are both fishing great for smallmouth and carp at the moment. Allen has been out a lot with clients and solo missions finding plenty of bass willing to eat on top. Fishing dark colored poppers in the mornings and evenings should serve you well. In the heat of the day you can also through some deep running Clouser minnows as well as crayfish patterns. I have caught many good smallmouth dead drifting crayfish through riffles and runs. An excellent fly for this technique is the Tequeely. This is the time to be out there getting after carp as well. Water is warming up and common carp are getting more and more aggressive. Swing crayfish and large carp nymph patterns pass them and watch the fly get chased down and inhaled!
The GSMNP is a great place to escape the heat this time of year. head up to the high elevation streams and chase down some Brook trout. Dry flies with yellow colors are a safe bet, along with Green Weenies and Prince Nymphs. I ventured up the park on Monday just to scout around. Little river was hovering in the mid 60s and I was able to spot some pretty large browns staged up on flats. This is intriguing but your odds are probably far better up in some higher elevation, especially on a hot afternoon. Mornings and evenings with less sunlight are probably your best bets now that we are in the hot months. 
Another cool fishing option right now is fishing the Willow fly hatches on Lake Loudoun. These huge mayflies usually hatch in the evenings and just about everything in the lake eats them off the surface. This makes for great dry fly fishing for a variety of species!
Whatever you decide to do this weekend, be safe and mindful of others on the water. If we can help you in any way give us a ring at 865-200-5271 or swing by the shop!
 - Matt