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WildThe weekend is fast approaching and while things have been pretty much fantastic this week (weather wise) barring the soaking we got on Monday, there's more rain in the forecast over the weekend with some potentially severe thunderstorms on Sunday. Friday and Saturday both look manageable with spotty showers and storms in the afternoon but hot temperatures. If you get out just be sure to keep a close eye on the radar so you don't get caught out in something potentially dangerous.

By all accounts the Clinch river below Norris Dam has been the place to be this past week. With low, wadable flows likely continuing over the weekend, it's a good bet that the Clinch is your best bet. There have been reports of some pretty decent hatches on the lower portions of the river in the afternoons once the water has had a chance to warm up a bit but the fishing on the entire river has been nothing short of fantastic. Sizing up on your nymphs seems to be the trick with size 14 beadhead pheasant tails and split case sulfurs being the ticket on most days. The upper stretch around the weir and Miller's Island is still getting some pretty decent midge hatches during the day so if you're fishing up top be sure to bring your midge box.

The Holston below Cherokee Dam has been a mixed bag so far this year. TVA is giving us some wadable flows in the mornings and then turning on the taps in the afternoon. As a result, the water temperatures really aren't getting the chance to warm up and the bug activity has likely suffered as a result. As many of you know, the Holston behaves a lot like a freestone stream in some ways and it tends to fish better on a sustained low flow with a lot of sun. We just haven't had enough of that so far this Spring.

The mountains have been fishing extremely well but Monday's rain has most of the flows higher than they should be this time of year. They'll continue to drop unless the weather man is right and we get another dose of the wet stuff. I don't think I'd let that stop me from getting out this weekend though! Wherever you go, be safe and have fun!