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Mark IIJoin us on Thursday May 30th from 5 to 7 pm for the Superfly Happy Hour with Mark Longmire of Syndicate Fly Rods Fly Rods. Superfly Happy Hour is a chance to learn, listen, and lie with your friends new and old.

Tie flies, talk fishing and throw a few cold ones back. Every week we will have a special guest, we provide the beer and you can provide the lies and ask the questions. All tying materials are 20% off for the evening. Join us for a few hours of fun and friendship, everyone is welcome. 

Mark Longmire is the owner, rod designer, and mad scientist at Syndicate Fly Rods. Mark is going to drop some knowledge on us about European Nymphing at the happy hour this week. Not familiar with European Nymphing? In general, use of the term Euro Nymphing really boils down to tight-line fishing with a longer rod, an inline sighter rather than an indicator, and flies that are heavy enough to get to the fish without split shot. There are many ways to set up a European style rig, as well as many ways to fish it, but having the right gear for it is most important. Interested in learning more about this highly effective style of fishing? Please join 3 Rivers Angler and Syndicate Fly Rod's Mark Longmire Thursday evening.