About Us

The founders of 3 Rivers Angler, Allen Gillespie and Jeremy Nelson know the waters of East Tennessee. The two grew up in the area and fishing was a passion they established very early on in their lives. Both Allen and Jeremy spent time abroad and have fished some of the most legendary locations in the world, so when through fate both of them returned home and saw that there was no haven for the anglers in the region, they set a course and 3 Rivers Angler was born. They wanted to create a place where customers become friends; a place where a cup of coffee and a story is not out of the question. Allen and Jeremy wanted to create a place where the angler can walk in the door and instantly feel right at home

Allen Gillespie was raised on the Tennessee river as it flows through Knoxville. After graduation from the University of Tennessee, his travels took him to some incredible places. Exotic locations like Indonesia where he worked with whalers, he lived in the Amazon Jungles of Bolivia, lived in Buenos Aires Argentina and fished the storied waters of Patagonia. From Patagonia he then traveled to New Zealand and stalked the legendary waters of the North and South Islands. Now, back in his native land, with a lifetime of experiences to share, Allen is ready to serve those who fish the waters of East Tennessee.

Jeremy Nelson also grew up fishing the waters of Tennessee. After receiving his MBA from the University of Memphis, he traveled the world extensively; a fly rod always within reach. Jeremy has an unbelievable array of knowledge about the waters in this area and with the mere mention of a location, can give you specifics that you just can't find in a book. He can recall patterns, places, and methods that bring the location to life. Jeremy is also very involved in Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville as well as the Knoxville Museum of Art.

As you can see, these guys have the experience, a love of the sport, and the know how to serve the angler with everything they need for success.